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Kejsare Napoleons kröning 2. december 1804. Målat av Jacques-Louis David.
Konsttryckt på duk i storlek 0,62 x 1,00 meter.

The painter Jacques-Louis David took some liberties in immortalizing the event of the Coronation of Napoleon. It is said that a bribe would get you a good spot in the painting and Napoleon's mother was not even present at the Coronation -- Napoleon desired that she be painted in.

  • 1. Napoleon. Behind Napoleon and seated
  • 2. Pope Pius VII. To the Pope's right
  • 3. Cardinal Caprara. To Caprara's right
  • 4. Cardinal Brasche. To Brasche's right
  • 5. L'Abbe Raphael de Monachis. Directly behind Caprara and above
  • 6. Admiral Gravina (Ambassador to Spain). Next to Gravina
  • 7. General Armstrong (Ambassador to the U.S.). Next to Armstrong
  • 8. M. de Marescalchi (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy). Next to Marescalchi (in turban)
  • 9. Mohamed Sayd-Halet Effendi. Next to Effendi
  • 10. Comte de Cobenzel (Ambassador to Austria). Figure in the foreground to the Pope's left (wearing blue cape)
  • 11. Marshal Brun. To Marshal Brun's right
  • 12. Cambaceres. To Cambacere's right
  • 13. Berthier. To Berthier's right
  • 14. Talleyrand. To Talleyrand's right (son of Josephine)
  • 15. Eugene Beauharnais. To Eugene's right
  • 16. General Caulaincourt. To Caulaincourt's right
  • 17. Marshal Bernadotte. In front of Bernadotte
  • 18. Cardinal Fesch. In center of painting (kneeling)
  • 19. Josephine. Cardinal in background between Napoleon and Josephine
  • 20. Cardinal Caselli. Next to Cardinal Caselli
  • 21. ? Next to ?
  • 22. Comte Esteve. Next to Comte Esteve
  • 23. General d'Harville. Next to d'Harville (holding pillow)
  • 24. Marshal Murat. Next to Murat
  • 25. Marshal Serurier. Next to Serurier
  • 26. Marshal Moncey. Next to Moncey
  • 27. Marshal Bessieres. Next to Bessieres
  • 28. Marshal Soult. Next to Soult
  • 29. M. de Segur. Holding Josephine's train, (in foreground)
  • 30. Mme. de la Rochefoucauld. Next to her
  • 31. Mme. de la Valette. Behind the two women and below
  • 32. Cardinal Belloy. The little boy (son of Louis Bonaparte)
  • 33. Napoleon- Charles. Row of women directly behind the boy, (wife of Joseph Bonaparte)
  • 34. Julie Clary. Next to her, (daughter of Josephing and wife of Louis Bonaparte)
  • 35. Hortense. Next to her (Napoleon's sister)
  • 36. Elisa Bacciochi. Next to her (Napoleon's sister)
  • 37. Pauline Bonaparte. Next to her (Napoleon's sister and wife of Murat)
  • 38. Caroline. Next to her (Napoleon's brother and Hortense's husband)
  • 39. Louis Bonaparte. Next to him (Napoleon's brother)
  • 40. Joseph Bonaparte. Behind Cardinal Belloy
  • 41. ? Next to ?
  • 42. General Junot. Above Junot, slightly to the right
  • 43. M. de Remusat. To the right and above Remusat, (with white feathers in hat)
  • 44. Marshal Duroc. Also amongst this group
  • 45. Marshal Kellerman.
  • 46. Marshal Lefebvre.
  • 47 Marshal Perignon. In balcony at center of the painting (Napoleon's mother)
  • 48. Madame Mere. To her right
  • 49. Mme. de Fontages. Behind Mme. de Fontages and to her right
  • 50. M. de Cosse Brissac. Next to M. de Cosse-Brissac
  • 51. M. de La Ville. To the left of Madame Mere
  • 52. Mme. Soult. Behind Mme. Soult and to her right
  • 53. General Beaumont. Directly above Madame Mere in the next tier
  • 54. Vien. To his left in first row
  • 55. Le Brun. Next to Le Brun
  • 56. Gretry. And finally -- in the second row, above and to the right of Vien, the man second from last (in black jacket and white collar)
  • 57. Jacques-Louis David -- the artist who painted this.
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